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11 Things All Manchester Cyclists Know To Be True

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You truly are taking your life in your hands these days, cycling around the city.

I mean, it should be relatively easy to hop on your bike to get from A to B, right?

Wrong, wrong, so very wrong. Here are some of the startling realisations you have when you wheeling around Manchester city…

1. Buses will make you feel like you are about to die

You’re a tiny person on two little wheels, they’re a ginormous hunk of metal moving at speed pushing you ever closer to the kerb.

2. Hills are the devil

Particularly the sneaky ones that take you by surprise with crippling, burning pain in your calves.

3. Cycle lanes are the dream, but there just ain’t enough of them

Soon. Or so they tell us.

4. Actually, scratch that – cycle lanes are all fun and games until someone double parks

5. This crossing at Deansgate wants you to die

Goodbye world!

6. Helmets are necessary to stay alive, but the tiniest drop of sweat when wearing your helmet will ruin your hair forevermore

Or ’til you wash it again, but like, whatever.

7. Cars will beep at you when you don’t signal, but ignore you when you do

You can’t win!

8. Mobikes are brilliant, but they aren’t exactly the most sexiest of bikes

9. Drains are hazardous

Encountering one of these in a cycle lane is pretty much as bad as the old favourite parked cars.

10. It’s remarkably easy to swear at someone who has wronged you, while keeping an eye on the road at the same time

Multi-tasking. Simples!

11. And lastly, you are completely and absolutely vulnerable

At all times.

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