11 Sweets That Were Taken Off The Market Despite Being Amazing

Who remembers the Cadbury Dream?!

Featcadbury Dream

This is an ode to all the beloved sweets that, for some ungodly reason, were pulled off the market.

From ice pops to chocolate bars and sweets, all of these childhood favourites have one thing in common: they were taken from us too soon.

Prepare to be hit over the head with some seriously sweet nostalgia.

1. Cadburys Dream

Made with real cocoa butter, this bar of deliciously creamy white chocolate could satisfy any sweet tooth.

Featcadbury Dream

2. Calippo Shots

Formerly known as Solero shots, these little spheres of icy heaven were the perfect treat. Yes, they would almost instantaneously melt and clump into one giant messy ball of sorbet.

And, yes, you'd spend the rest of the afternoon trying drink the remaining mess like a slushie. The struggle only made the experience that much more rewarding.

222Calippo Shots

3. Kit Kat Senses

Light, crispy and filled with praline. Kit Kat nailed it with this one but then swiftly undid all that good work when they took Senses off the market – even after spending all that money on those terrible Girls Aloud TV ads.

Why Kit Kat, WHY. Break yourselves off a bit of common sense.


4. Bursting Bugs

When you bit into these tasty bug shaped jellies they would literally burst in your mouth and a deliciously sweet fruity syrup would spill out. You can probably rest assured that no real fruit was harmed in the manufacturing process but they were great all the same.


5. Roy Of The Rover

These sour pineapple chew bars were the absolute business. So addictive. We couldn’t get enough of them, until they were cruelly taken off the market that is and suddenly we couldn’t get any of them.


6. Taz Bars

Alright, so technically these are still around but are now masquerading as caramel Freddos instead. Anyone who tells you that they taste the same though is flat out lying to your face.

We need our Looney Toons friend back on the shelves.


7. Sparkles Ice Pops

They came in a variety of flavours, although the pineapple and pear flavours were always the only ones left by the time you got near the pack.

Friendships were both formed and ruined over the tangy orange one which was clearly the favourite – and at only 10p a pop they were almost offensively cheap. We dare you to to find that kind of value for money nowadays.


8. Fat Frog Ice Pops

Every now and then, cruel and vicious rumours begin to circulate surrounding the return of the Fat Frog ice pops.

HB continues to taunt us as we can’t help but get our hopes up only to be let down over and over again.


9. Woppa Bars

These were available in spearmint and cola flavours and it was a tough call everytime. The bars also shrank in size over the years before disappearing off our shelves forever. It’s as if they were just hoping we wouldn’t notice. BUT WE DID.


10. Cadbury’s Snowflake

This was basically a white chocolate version of the classic Flake bar but with an extra layer of light, creamy milk chocolate surrounding it.

This stopped the annoying crumb avalanche that we’ve come to expect from snacking on a Flake. The design was flawless; it makes no sense whatsoever that these are no longer available. Get your priorities straight, Cadbury's.


11. Sky Ice Cream Bar

A delicious bubbly Aero-esque chocolate bar inside an even more delicious vanilla ice cream bar coated in another layer of creamy chocolate.

It didn’t get any better than this but HB decided to pull it anyways because apparently we’re not allowed to have nice things.


Is there any quintessential snacks that we left out? Be sure to let us know.

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