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10 Things We Used To Have In Our Lunch Boxes As Children

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Lunch time as an adult is just not half as great as it was when you’re a child. 


Limp lettuce leaves and barely hot soup don’t even come close to our school lunches. I mean, check these guys out… 

1. Billy roll

Coloured ham. Delicious. 

2. Frubes

Giving a toddler a messy tube of white goo. What could possibly go wrong?

3. Dairylea Lunchables

Heaven on Earth.

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Favourite lunch! ???? #dairylealunchables

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4. Cheese strings

Did they even contain any real cheese? 

You know what, we kind of like the mystery. 

5. Sunny D

Banned by every dentist on Earth at the time. 

6. Ribena

Purple drink FTW. 

7. Babybel cheese

The (other) fake cheese that was as tasty as eat as it was fun to play with. 

(And hard to open).

8. Iced gems

The delicious sugary treat that became famous more recently due to young lads cutting their hair in this fashion. 

Just to confirm that the world did indeed lose its mind in 2016. 

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9. The Laughing Cow

So. Much. Cheese. 

Thelaughingcow 1024

10. And finally, Cheese and sticks


Laughing Cow Cheese Dippers 35G X4Ea

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