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You Can Now Buy Microwavable Slippers For The Person In Your Life Who Is Always Cold

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If you’re someone that always complains about having cold feet then these microwavable slippers might be the perfect purchase.

Yes, you heard me, MICROWAVABLE slippers. It’s a weird concept but one that I can guarantee will give your feet maximum cosiness.

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The slippers in question are on sale from Prezzybox for only £19.99.

The fluffy socks are even scented with lavender, so you can pop these on a feel instantly warm and relaxed.

As stated in the description of the slippers: “There’s nothing more satisfying after a hard day’s work than when the bra comes off and the comfies come on! Treat your friend, girlfriend, mum or sister to the pinnacle of snuggle wear. Simply warm these luxury boots in a microwave for the ultimate in relaxation..

Not only will they make their tootsies super toasty, but the boots will release a serene, soothing lavender scent, to get them in the mood for an evening of snuggle and chill!

Give their feet (or yours – all feet deserve a treat!) an escape from the winter frost with these super soft boots! They’ll certainly thank you for it.”


The reviews on the product definitely back up these claims, with many husbands taking to the site to thank the slippers from solving their wife’s cold feet issue.

One user wrote named Mike wrote “Bought these for my wife — who always has cold feet!!! She loved them, and more importantly for me — no more cold feet!!!”

Whilst another customer seemed to be starting a microwavable slipper collection: “This is my second pair. Absolutely worth every penny. Great for winter months”

I for one am sold! Who doesn’t love having toasty feet?

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