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You Can Now Buy A Squishy Cushion With Your Mate’s Face On It

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Our best mates are practically family, and we’d happily spend every waking minute with them if we could.

Now thanks to Firebox, you can! You can now buy a cushion with your best mate’s face on it.

Image: Firebox

“Mushions” from Firebox come as a squishy 3-D cushion with a photo of your pal’s face printed on it.

All the team need to create the personalised cushion is a high quality photo of your friend’s/mum’s/dad’s/dog’s face and they will handle the rest.

Image: Firebox

You can buy “mushions” as a single cushion (for £16.99) as a pair (for £24.99), or as a threesome (for £29.99) from the Firebox website.

Or if you’re feeling super obsessed with your best mate, you can upgrade your cushion to a “Monster Mushion” – twice the fun, twice the size.

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