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You Can Now Buy A Magical 360 Igloo For Your Garden

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Igloos are all the rage at Christmastime, offering a cozy winter retreat in bars and restaurants across the city.

And the great news? You can now buy one for your garden.

Image: Cuckooland.com

If you’re looking for the ideal place to enjoy drinks and snacks in your garden this winter (or hell, summer) these Garden Igloos are a quirky alternative to a traditional conservatory.

According to cuckooland.com, these multi-purpose portable domes can be used in both winter or summer and offer a 360° panorama of your outside space.

Image: Cuckooland.com

The Garden Igloo Bio-Dome seats up to 6 people and is perfect for any kind of outdoor entertainment. Plus you can open up the windows if it’s getting hot in the summer or keep it cozy and intimate in the winter.

Think of the BBQs! These gardens igloos cost £849 or £19.49 a month from Cuckooland.com.

Feature Image: Cuckooland.com

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