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You Can Now Buy A ‘Diet’ Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar

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Apparently ‘diet’ chocolate bars are a thing now.

If you’re a chocoholic, like the rest of us, and want to nibble on something a little healthier than its full fat cousin, Cadbury’s has launched a ‘diet’ version of its popular chocolate bar, Dairy Milk.

But what does this mean, exactly? The newest creation from the chocolate company means 30% less sugar than the original Dairy Milk bar, without adding artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

The sugar content in the new bar has dropped to 39g per 100g, as apposed to the original 56g per 100g.

The new ‘diet’ bar is part of wider efforts to reduce the Nation’s sugar intake.

What do you think? Will it taste the same? The ‘diet’ Dairy Milk bar is in shops around the UK now.

Feature Image: Lovin Manchester

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