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This Flat Pack Home Costs Less Than 30k And Only Takes Six Hours To Build

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On our Valentine’s wishlist this year: a tiny little puppy, the new Fenty highlighter, and oh, maybe a home to call our own?

Fat chance of the last one (and let’s be honest, the puppy, too).

But what if we told you that there’s a nifty flat pack house that costs £25,000 and can be made in just six hours and transported anywhere in the world?

Consider this the self-build revolution…

M.A.DI. is one of the most revolutionary housing solutions on the market today – an Italian company creates the flat packed home, which includes the ground floor with a lounge / living room with a staircase, a kitchen and a bathroom, and an upstairs with two bedrooms.

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Renato Vidal M A Di Home11 1020X610

It’s shipped within 30-40 days, and the M.A.DI. workers unfold the home on your site and build it in six hours

The entire thing costs just £25,000 for the basic 27sqm home, or up to £55,000 for the 84sqm house.

All you need to do is find a cheap enough plot somewhere and you could have your own cosy home complete with water, sanitary, electrical, air conditioning (hot / cold) and drainage systems pre-installed.


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