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This Clever Gadget Means You Can Do Laundry For Just £8 A Year

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This clever new gadget called the Egoegg Laundry Egg could mean you will never have to buy detergent again.

Not only will this save you a ton of money, but it also helps save the environment too.

The Ecoegg Laundry Egg is a nontoxic, phosphate-free and hypoallergenic alternative to regular environmentally-harmful detergent.

The Ecoegg is filled with white mineral pallets which dissolve over time and dark ceramic pellets which will never need to be replaced.

All you need to do is throw the egg in with your clothes, towels or bedding and the magic begins as the light and dark pellets lift away all the dirt during the cycle.

The best part is – it’s cheap.

The Ecoegg is available to buy on Amazon from £7.99 and that will last you 54 washes. If you wash your clothes a little more regularly you can opt for the £12.99 set which lasts 210 loads or £19.99 set which will last for 720. Now that’s a lot of washing for 20 quid.

Customer’s seem to all agree that the Ecoegg is the way forward with one saying “its absolutely fantastic…All my swaps to eco friendly products have been life changing & even better planet saving”

Another happy customer saying they were “obsessed with my Laundry Egg, it’s the best thing ever”.

Well I am convinced. We will definitely be making this egg-cellent swap ASAP.


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