These Heated Jackets Are Ideal For The Person Who Is Always Cold

Control it with your smartphone


If you, like myself, are always freezing - this lightweight micro-fleece might just be the answer to all of your prayers.

There have been a few heated apparels on the market in the past, but none quite like this one...

These bad boys come with their own detachable controllers featuring nine different heat settings and a 12-hour timer setting.

It comes in both mens and womens in small, medium and large and uses new heating technology unlike any other on Earth (achieving temperatures of up to 50°c in 360 seconds) all niftily tucked away into a stylish jacket which perfectly fits the contours of your body.

It'll keep the cold away on any adventure, spreading the heat even and insulated, so you always stay snug and warm.

The battery is housed within its own discreet zippable power pocket and the USB connector comes complete with an in built clear protective hood.

Check out how it works here...

It's currently on the market for £169.99 and you can grab yours here.

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