These Aldi Electric Blankies Are Perfect For The Person Who Is Always Freezing

Because it's starting to get a bit nippy!

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If you're also always bloody freezing - Aldi are selling a super cheap electric blankie to see us through the rest of the autumn and winter months.

The 'Easy Home Double Electric Blanket' has 10 different heat settings and a 9-hour timer setting.

It's machine washable, has its own detachable controller with a red LED display and power cord and it will only set you back £17.99.

The 'Easy Home Double Electric Blanket' comes in a cream colour and looks like this:

Double Electric Blanket E
Double Electric Blanket A


Personally I can't think of anything better for the cold evenings to snuggle up on the sofa with - with a bit of Netflix of course.

They'll be sure to fly off the shelves.

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