There's An Actual Website That Lets You Borrow A Dog For The Day

All of our prayers just got answered

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Love cuddling adorable dogs but don't actually have one yourself?

We feel your pain.

Be it your family situation, money woes or having a career that just won't afford you the time and dedication so necessary to being a pet owner, we may just have found the perfect solution.

BorrowMyDoggy is made for people who are looking for local dogs to borrow to give extra walks and attention and the exciting dog community already has over half a million users (both owners and borrowers) all across the UK and Ireland.

Fancy it?

Course you do! All you need to do is head over to the official website here and complete the following steps:

  • Complete your profile so dog owners can search for you
  • Choose a membership plan and get verified
  • Start sending messages – being proactive is best
  • Meet up with dogs and their owners – get to know them and build trust

You'll be joining the many other borrowers who love helping their local dog owners and making their lovely pets happy.

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