There Is Now An Actual Protein Bar Advent Calendar And It's SO TASTY

Pig out and feel good about it

Protein Advent

Christmas is a time for family, feasting and sweet, sweet indulgence but it also tends to be the time of year we neglect our bodies the most. For basic nourishment we need protein which is exactly what this new advent calendar is packed with.

24 protein bars to be exact which all have an average of 20g of protein - that's per serving.

It's basically the perfect way to get you motivated to go to the gym or work-out every single day of December leading up to the big day itself - on which you can eat a nice helping of turkey, roasties, and succulent currant-filled pud knowing you've been positively angelic up until that point.

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The calendars are on sale now and they'll set you back £49.99...

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