There Are Going To Be Insane Queues For Aldi's New Mega-Cheap Dozen Roses Deal

Need a Valentine's pick-me-up?

Aldi Flowers

Nothing says I love you like a lovely scarlet bouquet of roses, and let's face it, who doesn't love getting flowers any day of the week? It's nice to be appreciated, after all...

It's a timeless gesture and one which still leaves people goggly-eyed around the world today. Problem is, the flower industry have cottoned on massively and the expense is pretty off-putting, especially as flowers have such an insanely short shelf life.

But we're here to tell you that supermarket giant Aldi may have just saved the day. As they have done more times than we can count.

This year’s exquisite offering at Valentine's is the Dozen Ever-Red Roses Bouquet.

A truly beautiful bouquet featuring a dozen vibrant red flowers will set you back just £25.

There's also a special Luxury Valentine's Bouquet for £10.


If you're really wanting to splash the cash, you can get a speciality Preserved Rose Gift Box for £49.99 and it looks just as good as anything that you'd get in a florist.

Preserve Box

You can shop the full range online here.

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