The World's First Wedding Department Store Has Opened In The UK - And It's MASSIVE

A completely unique experience...

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From the initial invitations to the wedding breakfast tastings to the flowers and bridal suite, the big day is something some people spend most of their lives imagining (not to mention planning) and now one superstore in Marylebone has answered all of our prayers...

"The world's first wedding department store..."

Featured in the likes of Harper's Bazaar and located in the heart of London, The Wedding Gallery is every little girl's dream. It's described on the website as:

"The new destination for brides and grooms. Open throughout the year, six days a week, The Wedding Gallery is a unique end-to-end experience for the engaged couple. Featuring over 200 leading wedding brands and services, The Wedding Gallery is a hub for bridal retail, fashion, trends, wedding ideas and creativity..."

And certainly its creativity and expanse knows no bounds - you can expect all the latest women's and men's fashion, an urban retreat, jewellery, The Wedding Club as well as all the latest on venues, services, and what's hot this season with over 200 fashion labels on offer including the likes of Elie Saab and Bo & Luca.

Advisers will be on hand to assist you with everything from dress and bridesmaids fittings to perfumes to make-up on the day - with the UK's first official wedding salon one of the venue's prime boasts.

You can book an advance tour for £50 which gives you a 75-minute expert-guided exploration of the place, as well as the chance to pinpoint anything you've had your eye on throughout...

You can explore the gorgeous venue and book your slot here.

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