Nine Unique Stocking Fillers To Buy In Manchester Right Now

Christmas is just around the corner...

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1. A Souvenir From One Of The UK’s Most Amusingly Named Places to Live

Living in Manchester we are always ready to speak the name of the glorious city in which we dwell but you may not be so inclined if you live in Twatt.

But fear not, offended readers, this one of the many bizarre and hilarious - not to mention genuinely real UK place names photographed by Dominic Greyer. He has founded a business dedicated to the snapping of the rudest place names in the nation and turning them into a fantastic selection of mugs, coasters, greetings cards and photo books.

Now for the first time ever the proud residents of Bell End, the good people in Busty View, County Durham & the Eardisley folk with a great view of the town's Lady Gardens can rejoice finally being put on the map!

2. A Hogwarts Purse At Punk’d Image - Afflecks

Find a huge selection of band merchandise, film merchandise and alternative clothing at Punk'd Image on the second floor. From Panic At The Disco beanies to Tartan jeans, horror-themed swing dresses to flannel shirts and studded belts you'll find the perfect gift for your Punk-y relatives including this awesome Hogwarts purse, a perfect gift for Potterheads!

3. A Box of Twinkies From American Ape

Perfect if you have any friends from across the pond joining you this festive season or for anyone who is looking for a unique sweet treat that you wont find in the supermarket.

American Ape is an emporium of state side confectionery including Twinkies, Hershey Bars and more obscure US brands.

4. A Handmade piece of wire jewellery at Flowellery

One of the many independent craft-shops Afflecks’ has to offer, designers Teodora and Dimitar can be found lovingly crafting their beautiful and intricate wire jewellery at their cosy little counter on the 1st floor.

well as their stunning selection of all 100% handmade necklaces, earrings and pendants Flowellery also do commissioned pieces for customers wanting to give a truly personalised gift this festive season.

5. A crystal statue from Crystal Henge

Seeking a gift for your spiritually inclined relatives? “Inspired by the many beautiful things that nature creates” Crystal Henge has a strong ethos, offering only handmade and hand-picked items. Among many things you’ll find some fantastic gift ideas in the form of minerals, jewellery, artwork, books, fossils, incense, singing bowls & much more!

6. A gorge piece from Ceramic Sensations

Simple yet beautiful and just the gift you need to upgrade your current dinning collection, the high gloss interior and satin matt finish exterior oozes style, and is sure to take pride of place in any home.

Avoiding those loud, overpowering patterns for something a little more understated to complement your surroundings beautifully.

Check out the offering here.

Sue Ure Maison Tableware - Milk Jug, £12.00 from Decorum

7. An LP from Vinyl Resting Place

I for one certainly don’t need convincing to visit a record shop. The ironically named Vinyl Resting place is one of the many Manchester record stores that rose from the dying vinyl market since the massive revival of the recent decade.

On the shelves you’ll find a comprehensive collection of second hand records from “AC DC to ZZ Top” all lovingly handpicked by owner Alistair.

8. A pair of fluorescent jellyfish leggings at Trippy Kitty

The humble legging may be the go-to outfit of choice for many avid hipsters. From gyms to festivals you won’t need to look hard to see the many examples of this trusted lower body attire. The folks over at Trippy Kitty however have certainly gone to the extremes with their selection of fantastically over the top designs to brighten even the greyest of Manchester days (we just challenge you to find a matching top.)

9. A bowl of cereal from Black Milk Cereal Kult

Okay, so technically not a stocking filler (and we certainly wouldn’t recommend wrapping it up in paper unless you wanted to give your loved ones a soggy Christmas surprise.) Black Milk Cereal Kult offers a staggering range of breakfast cereals from around the world for those who like to break down the tired conventions of the early morning meal. Along with a wide selection of coffees and crazy sweet treats, Black Milk will provide the perfect chance to refuel on those calories before continuing on your Affleck’s shopping adventure.

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