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?Tesco’s New GIANT Easter Egg With Chunky Daim Bar Shell Is Dividing The Nation

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The good people at Cadbury’s have once again come up with a spectacular choice for chocoholics this Easter. And yes it may be a whole 82 days til April 21st (who’s counting anyway) but that doesn’t mean you can’t get preparations in early…

Tesco have started selling a ma-housive hollow milk chocolate egg with DAIM bar crunchy almond caramel pieces in the shell – plus one bar of milk chocolate Daim bar – just for good measure.

We want want want it now.

Partnered with the Fairtrade Foundation, the supermarket is selling the beast of an egg (570g) marked as ‘Extra Large’ for 12 quid over in their stores nationwide. And we can’t wait to get our hands on one…

But if you’re not a Daim bar kinda guy or gal, don’t forget about the Mars release earlier this year which features pieces of Bounty in the shell.

Both the Bounty and the Daim bar Easter Eggs have been dividing the nation. While some fans are delighted at the new tweaks – some are all for the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mantra.

We like to call them chocolate traditionalists. What do you think?

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