Greater Manchester's New IKEA-Style Home Store Is Wonderfully Affordable


Sostrene Greene

We're in a time of transformations and reinventions, with people like Netflix's Marie Kondo helping us to completely transform our homes - and therefore our lives.

After feeling inspired to update my home, I ventured into Altrincham and discovered MY NEW FAVOURITE SHOP.

If you're totally on board with the wonderful world of IKEA, then you're going to fall head over heels in love Søstrene Grene.

Image: Lovin Manchester

Originally launched in 1973 in Denmark, Søstrene Grene has made its way to the UK, with a store in Manchester's suburb of Altrincham.

Image: Lovin Manchester

The Scandi store sells everything you need to completely (and affordably) revamp your home, including rugs, trinkets and cute shit-you-don't-need-but-buy-anyway.

Image: Lovin Manchester

The shop sells its bits and bobs in a range of Spring pastel colours, with prices starting at as little as 50p.

If, like me, you enjoy browsing the IKEA catalogue on a Sunday afternoon, why not have a look at what Søstrene Grene has to offer?

Image: Lovin Manchester

Their 2019 catalogue is full of beautiful Pastel pieces - and trust me, you're going to want to buy it ALL.

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