Ring The Alarm - Creme Egg CUPCAKES Have Arrived In Iceland

And we are living for them.

Cadbury Cupcakes

Creme Egg Cupcakes are our new obsession.

You wait years for news like this. And when they finally arrive, they do not disappoint.

Actually, they're even better than your (always too) high expectations. Every. Single. Time.

Shockingly, it's almost the end of January already which means Easter is just around the corner (well, almost.) And that means CHOCOLATE.

And if you're more of a cake than a choccy bar person, you might be pleased to know that the new Cadbury's Creme Egg cupcakes are absolutely gorgeous.

A gooey creme filling is encased with chocolatey sponge and topped with cream frosting and (you guessed it) Cadbury Creme Egg - and they're an absolute bargain at 2 quid at Iceland. They're suitable for vegetarians too so it's win-win.

The perfect treat for those not on a January diet...or if you're just fancying a treat ;)

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