RING THE ALARM - Biscoff Ice Creams Are Now Available In The UK

And we've already bought ten boxes

Lotus Biscoff

Knowing something as delicious as a proper Biscoff ice cream actually exists, and not being able to have it, is almost as soul-destroying as them not existing in the first place.

But we're here to bring you the much-awaited news that the lush caramel-full treats are now available in the UK thanks to the guys at Lotus (makers of Biscoff)- that's if you're quick enough!

Teasingly for us Brits, Lotus ice cream Biscoff sticks have been available across Europe since last year, but our torture is finally over.

Waitrose is where you want to be looking if you're after a mouth-wateringly chocolatey Friday night treat to accompany your Netflix binge this eve, and they're priced at just under four quid for a pack of three.

They're not the cheapest option, but believe us they're worth it if you're a true biscuit fan - that is, unless you've just re-started your New Year diet and are avoiding temptation at all costs.

The £3.89 goodies are just as good as they look - and sound.

We've already bought six boxes. Ok ten, but who's really counting? Calories don't count when they taste this good.

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