PSA - Pump Dryers For Your Dog Are Now Available

Absolutely brilliant.

Puff Fluff

After a muddy winter walk, cleaning your pooch can be an absolute 'mare and a wet dog let loose around your kitchen is not what you want on a hard-earned (and what should be a relaxing) Saturday morning...

Good news for dog-owners! An actual coat for your dog is now available - all you do is attach the hairdryer for perfectly soft, supple hair.

The Puff and Fluff is available from Amazon now and comes in four different sizes (extra small is priced at £30, small is £34, medium is £38 and large £53.)

Dog Dryer

The Puff-N-Fluff promises to...

  • Reduce wet dog odor, dry your dog after a rainy day walk and warm your dog after a cold winter walk
  • Quickly dry your dog after a bath and helps to relieve the fearfulness of the blow dryer.

"The best invention ever"

Most blow dryers work with the product, just make sure the application is on a 'cool' or 'low' temperature, but the length of time the drying takes will depend on the size of your pooch and of course the strength of the hair dryer itself.

It's important to monitor your dog for any signs of overheating (tongue hanging out of the mouth is a biggie!)

Apart from that, it's easy as peas and ready for you and your dog to enjoy!

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