PSA: You Can Get White Chocolate Twixes In UK Shops This Month

What a time to be alive


It seems that the humble Twix is capable of great things as we, the public, revel in the latest heavenly announcement...

White chocolate twixes are a thing - and you can buy them in UK shops this month. But you'll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on them!

The sweet treats were only available state-side before now, and in the UK for a limited time as a miniature version - but they're now available at Asda at their full glorious size for £1.75 for a nine pack (dangerous for those of us still half-heartedly persevering with the annual post-Christmas trim-down.)

Twix fans on social media have been going mad for the white chocolate covered beauties after Liverpudlian Insta account InstaFoodieTwins posted a shot of them in January, writing:

"Look what's now available in Asda."

A raft of comments followed in support of the introduction...

One follower said: "Looks like I'm going to Asda from now on."

We second that!

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