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Big News: Primark Is Set To Trial Online Shopping

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We rely on Primark at our times of need: when we need something affordable to wear, when we want a bit of retail therapy, or when we have 50 quid burning a hole in our bank account and it needs spending asap.

But where Primark lacks is in the online shopping department. That is, until now.

The retail giant is rumoured to be launching an online click and collect service, meaning shoppers can find what they want online and reserve it in store for pick up.

This could be very useful when you want to bag an item you know is going to sell out quickly.

While there are no plans for a delivery service, the click and collect idea is the brainchild of the company’s chief executive Paul Marchant, according to Davy.

We will 100% be taking advantage of that. Duh.

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