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Primark Launches Outfits For Dogs Including Manchester Bee And Hot Dog

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Let’s be honest – our pets are the most important things in our lives and they deserve to be treated like royalty.

Treats, fancy beds, clothes – the lot. And Primark has our backs.

The superstore has just launched a range of outfits for dogs and oh my, they are adorable. If you’ve ever wanted to dress your pooch up as a unicorn, hot dog or (Manchester) bee, have a look at these.

Image: Primark
Image: Primark
Image: Primark

These adorable outfits start at £7, reports The Mirror.

Plus they’re also selling this gorgeous harness complete with angel wings, with prices starting at £4.

Image: Primark

We can’t wait to see all of the cute lil doggos in their new outfits this summer. Totally worth it.

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