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Poundland Are Selling Engagement Rings For Just – You Guessed It – £1

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It’s only one month until the dreaded Valentine’s Day is upon us again. It’s a dreaded day for us single folk who are reminded once again of their singleness…but it’s no walk in the park for the couples either.

Each year it feels as though people go more and more over the top with the gifts they expect to receive and give. When once a simple red rose would do the trick, now it seems as though a private helicopter ride to the most exclusive restaurant in town is the only way to say ‘I love you’.

Well, Poundland have the perfect response to the continual mounting of costs for this lover’s holiday.


The discount retailer have announced there Valentines Day range which includes £1 engagement rings.

Who said you can’t get a meaningful gift at a bargain price?

The ‘Bling Rings’ come in a range of styles, all featuring a fetching Cubic Zirconia and a lovely red box so you can propose in style.

You can choose between silver and gold rings and the gemstones are made to resemble either a diamond, ruby or a topaz.

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Now, in all seriousness, neither myself nor Poundland expect people to use this ring as the ‘real deal’. However, it does make for the perfect placeholder ring for those who are waiting to afford the forever ring.

Poundland’s jewellery buyer Frances O’Sullivan said “These are beautiful placeholder rings because we know they’ll want to buy their own. We’re looking forward to a #PoundlandProposal becoming the way it’s done…Our Bling Ring is setting the scene for the real deal!”

The products packaging even uses the slogan “Because we promise they’ll want to choose their own”. Which I can admit, is probably true.

Reactions to the product on the Internet are divided.

Some people would be livid if they’re S/O proposed with the bargain ring.

However, many more people seem to be jumping to the defence of Poundland’s engagement ring, with some even saying they would prefer it to the real deal.

Well, it seems as though many people around the country should be prepared to receive one of these bargain beauties this Valentines.

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