This New Board Game Takes Our Pimple Popping Obsession To A Whole New Level

We all know someone who would love this game

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The Internet's love of pimple popping seems to know no bounds.

Not a day goes by where I don’t see a link to another gross slash weirdly satisfying video on my feed.

The most famous pimple popper on the planet is arguably Dr Sandra Lee, a.k.a Dr Pimple Popper herself.

And if you’re one of those weirdos - I mean people - who are obsessed with her videos then she has created the game for you.

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(Image: Pimple Pete)

Pimple Pete is a hands on game, similar to Operation, where you each take turns popping pimples on poor Pete’s face.

However, instead of setting off a buzz like Operation, if you squeeze a pimple too hard you will be sprayed with puss!!

Okay not really, it’s actually water but you get the idea.

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The game is available to buy online now and only retails for around £15.

We can just imagine it now, everyone sat around the Christmas table after lunch popping pimples...what a dream...

If board games aren’t your thing maybe you will like this Pop It Pal from Firebox. The block of silicone comes with skin-friendly “pus” to help you simulate the gratifying thrill of popping a humongous pimple - without leaving skin all scabby.

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Whatever you decide, there’s definitely a lot of products on the market for those of us who are obsessed with picking at skin.

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