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Oh My Gawd – A Look Inside Manchester’s New Central Perk Cafe

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No truer words have been said than: ‘Primark’ll be there for you’.

The UK’s first Central Perk Cafe has just opened in Manchester’s Primark in time to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Friends.

Image: Primark

The cafe has been an icon of the comedy series since the show first began in 1994.

And now shoppers will have the chance to sit on the orange sofa from the hit television series, as well as enjoy a special New York style menu created especially for the cafe.

There’s also an adjoining memorabilia area, where fans can shop for branded clothes, mugs, and much more.

Images: Primark

The new cafe includes most features of the original cafe, plus extras such as Friends themed posters and dining chairs.

Manchester’s Central Perk opened to the public on June 10.

I think we’re all together when I say, in the words of Janice, OH. MY. GAWD.

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