Lush Is Launching An Emoji-Themed Bath Bomb Collection For Valentine's Day 2019

These are adorable


Our favourite ethical (not to mention ace-smelling) cosmetics retailer Lush has announced that they're launching a special 2019 Valentine's Day collection this year.

The product line, which in keeping with their usual ethos - is cruelty-free and vegan - will feature shower and facial products, massage bars in erotic shapes, and macaroon-shaped bath bombs to boot. In fact, the aubergine bath bomb looks exactly like its tongue-in-cheek emoji counterpart...

That besides, the all-new peach bomb bursts with fresh grapefruit and peach juice to cleanse, tone and refresh. Just £3.95, the new bath bombs are available in-store and online, and our favourite limited edition love boat bath bomb is back again for £4.50. See the full collection below.

Lush always seem to read our minds, don't they?

Naughty Aubergine Bath Bomb

The Big Banana Massage Bar

Six Reusable Bauble Bar

Nine Reusable Bauble Bar

Loveboat Bath Bomb

Peachy Bath Bomb

We want them all.

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