Little Cat Caps Are Now A Thing And We Want A Wardrobe Full Of Them


Cat Caps

Calling all kitty lovers!

Fashion superstore Urban Outfitters have just launched super adorable 'cat caps'.

And there's bound to be a teeny one to suit your very own furry feline. They're available in buttermilk gold, bronze and cream, and you can even get them in yellow duck or teddy bear hats.

"Delight your kitty cat with this little Rilakkuma-inspired cap that fits right on their noggin as long as they can stand it, for maximised kitten cuteness" reads the product description.


The £10 bargains hats have gone down a storm with the public, receiving five star reviews so far.

And let's face it, if you're mum's a cat lady, there's no better pressie we can think of for Mother's Day (that's Sunday 31st March for all you bad children out there.)

The little velvety caps are said to be very soft to the touch and can also fit pooches if they're only diddy.

Definitely an outfit for the gram.

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