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Heated Cat Slippers Have Arrived For The Person Who’s Always Freezing

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The topic of conversation on everyone’s minds right now?

The weather, of course. And what we want most during these chilly, chilly nights is comfort food and warm tootsies.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re loving our evening cocoa and hot water bottle but we might have just found something we’re lovin even more.

Behold: The Toasty Cat Foot Warmers.

Cat Slippers

Know a feline-lover who’s always complaining about the cold?

Toasty Cat Foot Warmers are available now from Amazon for $34 (around 26 quid) and all you have to do to get toasty toes is plug the warmers into your laptop’s USB port and then slip your feet right in!

They’re absolutely perfect for a chilled midweek evening or relaxing Sunday with a Netflix binge.

And with shipping to the UK readily available, we’re running out of excuses not to invest in a pair of these babies…

One review reads:

“These cat slippers fit great! Very snug and comfortable even when they’re not heated. They get hot very quickly and its very comfy. I highly recommend them.”

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