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Fried Chicken Drumstick Pants Are Set To Be 2019’s Big Trend

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Just when we thought our fashions couldn’t get any more bizarre, the age of the “fried chicken” trousers appears to have landed.

Inspired by one of Britain’s favourite late-night snacks, you’re sure to give a whole new meaning to the phrase attention-grabbing if you venture out in these babies.

And bear in mind if you were planning on having a proper rummage through the January sales these unique trousers might be on your hit-list and provide a solid foundation for your 2019 stylista.

Behold – the Fried Chicken Trouser ensemble…

Chicken Pants

Making your legs appear like two matching meaty snacks, if you can muster up the confidence to wear them they’ll set you back as little as seven quid from online giant eBay.

What do you think? Know anyone who would wear these loud and proud? Let us know in the comments!

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