You Can Now Buy A Pillow With Your Mate's Face On It

Think of me in your dreams x

Firebox Pillows Face

Our best mates are like family that we'd happily talk to for hours on end and spend every waking minute hanging out with them.

To the point where you can share a bed with your best mate without even having them in the room.

You can now buy a personalised pillow with your best mate's face printed all over it.

Images: Firebox

Maybe your bestie would appreciate this wonderful gift and cherish it forever. Maybe it would do their nut in to wake up to your face everyday. You be the judge.

These "Sleepy Head" pillows from Firebox are super soft and machine washable - all you have to do is upload a picture of your chosen face and they will do the rest!

The pillows cost £19.99, but who can put a price on your best mate's happiness? xo

You can get your hands on one here.

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