Dyson Has Released A ‘Toy’ Hoover That Actually Works

It's the perfect gift for every parent...I mean child out there!

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If you have a child, you know one thing is for certain...no matter what, they will leave a trail of mess wherever they go. Whether it be their toys lying around, a trail of biscuits crumbs or if you child is extra fun, maybe they’ll even destroy your iMac like this little one:

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Now, while an iMac covered in gold marker won’t be fixed by Dyson’s latest invention, that trail of crumbs sure will.

I’m talking about the Dyson toy hoover, which actually works like a real hoover. It’s a direct replica of their latest DC59 handheld model but is reduced in size so it’s easier for children to hold.

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The product includes ‘realistic sounds’ and a clear cylinder filled with colourful balls, giving it the illusion that it is a toy. But really it’s a genius way to get the kids helping out around the house a little more.

It even has a dust compartment for emptying all the dust and fluff it picks up while the kids are cleaning...I mean playing.

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It even transforms into a smaller handheld unit, for all the hard to reach places that your child might not be able to "play" in.

The best part is that it’s only £21.99 so you won’t need to break the bank trying to get the kids to do their chores.

Sounds like it’s the perfect gift for kids who want to copy their parents and for parents who need a little bit of extra help around the house.

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