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You Can Now Buy Creme Egg-Inspired Flavoured Rum

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With Easter out of the way, we’re back to that sad, depressing time of no chocolate.

But what if we told you there’s a sweet treat that might fill the Easter Egg shaped hole in your life?

The good people from Sweet Little Drinks have got our backs, creating a fancy new tipple inspired by our Easter favourites, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs.

The liqueur is a chocolate and fondant flavoured rum inspired by the Cadbury choccie treat.

Image: Sweet Little

Sweet Little suggest pairing it with mixers including Cola, Tonic Water or even Prosecco. Or if you’re feeling particular festive, they also recommend drinking it neat.

Imagine the cocktails!

The Cream Egg rum liqueur is 18% abv and comes in a 50cl, heart shaped bottle for £21.99. You can buy yours here.

Feature Images: Sweet Little Drinks/Craig Russell

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