ASDA's Launched A Gigantic £8 Custard Cream CAKE And We Want It All

Oh yes!


Biscuits. They're a British classic with a cuppa, aren't they? We don't know what we'd do without this staple in the office - and quite frankly, that 3 o'clock custard cream gives us absolute life.

But how would you feel about a MASSIVE Custard Cream? A gigantic one serving sixteen to be precise.

Yeah, us too.

Thanks to ASDA, this is now an actual thing. And, with reports zipping across social media guaranteeing that this marvellous creation tastes exactly like the real thing - we are buzzing for it.

The supersized biscuit-cake-hybrid will set you back £8 for the entire thing and it is filled to the brim with sweet, sweet, vanilla flavour buttercream and topped with soft icing for an extra sweet hit.

The bad news?

It's not particularly diet-appropriate per se, with each slice containing a whopping 227 calories, over 9g of fat and a 32g of sugar. Eeeeek.

But, at the end of the day it's a giant Custard Cream - and what a time to be alive.

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