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Aldi’s Halloumi Fries Are Back And We Can’t Handle The Excitement

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Halloumi may just be heaven in the form of cheese.

And if you’re anything like us, you’ll agree that cheese is one of the greatest aspects of modern life that we could never give up.

So you’ll be happy to hear that Aldi’s famous Halloumi fries are back in UK stores – and we can’t handle the excitement.

The cheesy fries are back in stores for £2.29 a pack, so you may just have to stock up.

Image: Aldi

According to the German supermarket, the Halloumi fries are made from “scrumptiously soft” cheese and a “lightly seasoned coating making them the perfect side or snack for sharing”.

Aldi’s bags of frozen Halloumi fries are in stores now. Cheese addicts better stock up before they sell out.

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