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Aldi’s Blue-To-Pink Colour-Changing Gin Is FINALLY Available To Buy

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While we may be obsessed with Mother’s Ruin, we’ve never seen a gin quite like this one before.

Everyone’s fave store Aldi has just launched a special kind of gin that will amaze guests at any future gathering.

It changes colour from blue to pink.

Image: McQueen Gin / Aldi

Originally only for sale in Scottish stores, the magical liquid is NOW AVAILABLE for us to buy, and we’re obsessed.

The Forrest Fruits flavour gin from McQueen changes from a vibrant blue to a subtle pink when tonic, or any acidic liquid, is added.

It’s currently for sale at £19.99 a bottle.

Image: Aldi

For those of you who want to be in the know, blue petals from the Asian butterfly flower are used during the distilling process, which transform the drink’s colour when the pH levels are altered.

So pretty <3

It’s time to stun all of your guests!

You can find out more on Aldi’s website.

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