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A G&T Jam Exists To Make Your Breakfast Much More Interesting

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What is the one thing that’s missing from the usual breakfast menu?

If you answered gin, then you would be correct.

But those gin-less breakfast days are now behind us.

The creative geniuses over at Firebox have released their very own Pink Gin and Tonic marmalade which tastes exactly like pink gin – maybe even better.

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The Pink Gin Marmalade is part of their Valentine’s Day range, but we can see this product working any time of the year.

The best part is, the marmalade isn’t just for spreading on toast, it has a whole range of uses as the product description writes: “Don’t just save it for toast. Add a decadent blob to your cocktails. Use it to ice cakes or even fold it into the batter itself. Use it as a dip. Spoon it straight from the jar. Smear it across each other’s naked bodies, if you’re adventurous. The options are limitless.”

Now while this writer would not recommend smear it on your body (it is incredibly sticky and no one wants that) I can confirm that it tastes delicious and surprisingly fits in right at home with the other breakfast condiments.

The product is available to order now online for only £9.99.

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