You'll Scarcely Believe What This Tarporley Property Has A Special Room For

Well no wonder it's 6 million quid!

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Sometimes you drive by a house and you get that sudden unrelinquishng urge to sneak a peak inside — don't kid yourself, we've all done it.

And sometimes, when you get that look inside, the interior vastly exceeds your expectations.

One such gaff can be found on a quiet, tree-lined Lane in Spurstow, North Tarporley.

Complete with a tasteful design, with sleek furnishings and vibrant art adorning the walls, there's also one thing that particularly grabbed our attention.

It has a dedicated - wait for it - wine room.

Yes. A room wholly set aside for our favourite tipple.

Take a cheeky gander inside...

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Screenshot 20180119 143405
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Screenshot 20180119 143425
Screenshot 20180119 143434
Screenshot 20180119 143443

The very definition of hot property.

But like most good things in this world, it comes with a price tag... a £5,950,000 price tag, to be exact. Guess we'd have to keep on walking right past this one.

You can check out this house's full listing here.

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