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You Could Own This Multi-Million Pound Cheshire Mansion For Just A Fiver

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Fancy living like Royalty without the hefty price tag?

A 1.8 million Cheshire mansion could be yours for a fiver, The Chester Chronicle reports, after its owners have listed the house in a raffle.

The five-bedroom house near Tarvin was first listed back in 2014, and after it didn’t sell, the owners resorted an alternative method in the hopes that it sells.

(Images: Rightmove / houseprizecompetition.com)

Owner Ben told the Chronicle: “Recently, the immediate family moved south for work and as my mother has had health issues, I stepped in to help her move, but decided to try a somewhat novel approach!

“We came up with a highly unusual competition in which a £5 ticket will enable one lucky person to win Burton Hall.”

The paper reports that the family hope to sell 380,000 tickets priced at a fiver, with entrants required by law to answer a skill-based question.

Sounds alright, doesn’t it?

The Cheshire mansion was famously featured in BBC’s version of The Forsyte Saga – the gardens are pristine, and each room looks like it’s fit for Royalty.

We may not be able to marry Prince Harry, but at least we can pretend in a lush five-bed mansion, right?

All details of the competition can be found here.

(Images: Rightmove / houseprizecompetition.com)

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