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This Salford House Has Its Own Swimming Pool, Spa And Bar And It’s Crazy Affordable

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Let’s face it, it’s always fun drooling over stunning properties that you could never in a million years afford – but while it’s been so hot and sunny the thought of those who have a lovely cool pool to jump into and a sauna to chill out in and around is making us green-eyed with jealousy.

We found this one in Salford and, though it’s expensive, it’s not completely in the realm only available to billionaires and A-list celebrities – so we thought we’d give you the grand tour, in case you’re feelin’ a little flush 😉

Feast your eyes…

Salford 1
Salford 2
Salford 3
Salford 4

The four-floor gaff has 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 5 reception rooms, 3 bathrooms, a swimming pool, sauna and gym, as well as a beautiful terracotta sun terrace overlooking the south-facing garden and a snooker and bar room.

All for a cool £750k? Why not eh…

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