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This Gaff In Bolton Is The Grimmest Thing You’ll See All Day

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With the property market going to shit, first time buyers haven’t got many options when it comes to choosing their first home. We had a scout on the internet to see if we could find any discount digs for sale around Greater Manchester and, boy, it wasn’t pretty.

This property in Bolton, up on Zoopla for a tidy £58,000, won’t just put you off your food- it’ll put you off the house hunting game for life.

Although it looks alright from the outside, the inside is caked in grime and mould; the walls are literally melting…

Brace yourself for what you’re about to see:


The ad describes it as a “fantastic investment opportunity.”

True, it’s in an excellent location and it’s got some good size rooms but it would need a lot of TLC before you could imagine the little ones running around on that grime encrusted floor.

With a bargain price, I guess you might have money to spare to transform it into a nice space, but it’s difficult to get the image of all that dirt and grime out of our heads…

(Images: Zoopla)

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