This Beetham Tower Penthouse Has It's Own Cinema And Three Floors

I've got £1?

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We all love a bit of property porn don't we? 

I for one just can't help but look at insane properties that I'll most likely never be able to afford - why the hell not?!

This incredible Beetham Tower penthouse will blow your mind with its stunning panaromic views of the city, taking up three floors and holding its very own home cinema (of course it does).

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The gorgeous triplex apartment has four contemporary bedrooms with each one showing you a unique view to our glorious city - not to mention a bathroom that overlooks the city centre. 

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Along with this super-modern property you'll also benefit three private terraces and get this - FIVE parking spaces.

Now I don't know about you, but that's an absolute dream for anyone who owns a car in the city.

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So, how much to own this absolute beaut of a property? 

If you have a cool £3,500,000 lying around, then this stylish apartment is all yours.

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I'll get saving then shall I?

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