These Are The Average House Prices For Every Region In England Right Now

Manchester prices are rising fast...

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House prices can get you down if you're a first-time buyer. 

Getting on that ladder seems to depend on being independently wealthy or living with your 'rents 'til you're 45.

This year's data for the UK House Prices Index showed the average UK house price was £226,000 - this is £11,000 higher than in 2016.

Looking to buy a house? Here's the average house price for each region in England...

East Midlands - £183,762

East of England - £288,440

London - £484,362

North East - £130,731

North West - £159,865

South East - £324,983

South West - £251,984

West Midlands Region - £188,447

Yorkshire and The Humber - £158,689

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