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There’s A Home For Sale In Cheshire That’s Genuinely Fit For Royalty

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A house in Nether Alderley for sale for a cool (as in panicky cold sweat inducing) £3.5 million may just have taken the top prize of the most fabulous home in Cheshire.

This 16th century manor house has 6 bedrooms and is surrounded by its own private lake, 12 acres of land, paddocks, woodland and a large two storey barn building.

The private lake welcomes you to this beautifully extravagant gaff

@ Lake
@ Lake3

There are six bedrooms, so ALL your rich mates can come hang out and there’s also a private tennis court

@ Bed1
@ He2
@ Ten3
@ Ten2
@ Ten

It looks like something from an interiors design magazine…

@ He3
@ He4

You can check out the full listing here… Maybe one day?

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