7 Relaxing And Unique Spa Treatments In The City Centre

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You deserve to treat yourself, and you might as well go for something a little different. Because the only thing better than indulging in a spa treatment, is indulging in an out of the ordinary spa treatment so that you have a story to tell and an experience to remember.

1. Floatation pods

If you're looking for an unusual way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life then you might want to pay a visit to Float Level. The city centre spot holds three 8ft x 5ft flotation pods filled with a salt water solution, in which you can simply float and meditate, shut off from the outside world.

This experience is said to provide numerous benefits including the expected physical and mental relaxation and the unexpected, such as a boost in creativity and relief from chronic pain. You have to imagine each visitor has a highly personal experience in the futuristic-looking pods and it's one of those things where you have to be really 'into it' to benefit.

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2. Hamam

Argana Hamam is an authentic-looking Moroccan hamam slap bang in the middle of Levenshulme. Well-travelled Mancs will definitely enjoy the feel of this place. You won't just get any old facial or massage here, they use a fragrant mix of Moroccan herbs, mud masks, Moroccan black soap or savon noir if you will, and argan oil.

At the end of the day it's something a bit different and a place that's off the beaten track if that's what you're looking for.


3. Cupping

In case you don't know what cupping is (I didn't) it's a form of ancient Chinese therapy, in which suction cups are placed on your body for a few minutes. It has nothing to do with that odd Kylie Jenner lip challenge, therefore. Cupping is supposed to have many benefits such as pain-relief, increased blood flow, improved well-being and can act as a sort of deep-tissue massage.

It looks really bizarre, but you never know, it could be bloody fantastic. If you're looking for a place in the city that offers the treatment then try Paloma's Beauty in the Northern Quarter.

4. Vinotherapy

This doesn't involve going out and getting lary on the wine, but it is a ripe old treat for any wine-lover. Jade Spa on Salford's Chapel Street offers a couple of interesting treatments. First there's the “crushed Cabernet scrub” which is an exfoliation treatment using a mix of grape seeds, brown sugar and essential oils. Then there's the “crushed Cabernet massage” which involves the scrub followed by their signature Caudalie sculpting massage using a luxurious oil mixture.

Apparently, this treatment not only leaves your skin feeling divine but it also contributes to slimming. Who knew wine could make you thin, eh?  

5. Manicure & Cocktail Bar

This is surely an absolute dream for any woman who likes to get her nails done on the regular. Celebrity hairdresser Andrew Trott-Barn has taken over New Church House on John Dalton Street and turned it into a “super-salon” with a mega five floors called barn//it. The main feature of the salon we're talking about here though is Manchester's first ever manicure & cocktail bar.

Basically you can sit at the bar and have your nails done while sipping on a bespoke cocktail of your choice. Now that sounds much better than the average trip to the nail salon!

6. Cryotherapy

You may have heard of this treatment before, as despite its nature, cryotherapy is hot among Hollywood stars. Cryotherapy involves being sprayed with ice-cold liquid nitrogen in a bid to get thinner. The treatment has made it over here from LA and is on offer at The Ainscow Hotel Spa in Salford.

The way it works is that it speeds up your metabolism to produce heat. Thus you can burn 500 to 800 calories after you've had the treatment supposedly. It seems a little intense to me but some people will do anything to lose weight. And you might want to wait until the summer for this one.

7. Chocolate Massage

This is definitely the tastiest treatment on the list. And it's everything that you imagine it to be. You have someone rubbing chocolate all over your body. At the Bannatyne Spa on Quay Street you have the option of a chocolate leg massage or a chocolate mini back massage or a chocolate back neck and shoulders massage. But why not go the whole hog and have the “Chocolate Indulgence Full Body Massage”? Plus you can choose a flavour, mint, orange or original.

I'm getting excited just thinking about it! Mmm...


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