You Need To Check Out This Incredible Supermoon Tonight

Keep watching the skies...


Stargazers of Manchester, you're in for a treat. 

The closest full moon in 70 years will be visible tonight, appearing 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than average. 

A supermoon happens when the sun, moon and Earth line up as the moon orbits Earth and, according to NASA, makes for an "undeniably beautiful" event.

So when's the best time to watch it?

At 11.23am the gap between the Earth and the moon will be at its shortest, known as 'perigee' - a distance of a mere 356,510km.

However, as the moon generally isn't that visible at close to half eleven in the morning, UK skywatchers will have to wait until the moon rises at about 4.45pm the get the best view of the action.  If you're still stuck in work, fear not as the the supermoon will be present throughout the evening, if not as big as it will have been at a quarter to five. 

Still hungry for more info? Allow the BBC to explain everything: 

It's also being suggested that the moon will only be slightly smaller tomorrow than it will be tonight so there's still plenty of time to enjoy this unusual occurrence. 

Happy moonwatching all!

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