Liam Gallagher Tells Graham Norton That Oasis Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

Brothers beyond making up

Liam and Noel Gallagher: The Reunion seems unlikely to ever happen after the younger brother has stated loud and clear: “We don’t like each other, man."

He told Graham Norton on BBC One last night: ""People think we’re waiting around for a few more noughts on the thing, but they’ve already offered us loads of money.

"Like millions and millions, but it’s not about the money is it, you know what I mean?”

As for his arsey online persona, he says he's a big fan of ruffling feathers.

“I like winding people up, yeah?

"Everyone’s a bit square at the moment, aren’t they? Everyone’s a bit serious and serious, you know what I mean?

“I do like winding people up. And I can take it, I do like the wind up back. A lot of these rock’n’roll stars, they come in and they just take the cheque home. Imagine Keith Moon drummin’ his a**e off and going home.

“You need to boot a few things, you know what I mean.”

Yeah, Liam. We know what you mean.