WATCH: The Heartwarming Moment This Sale Girl Gets The Present She Always Wanted

It's the simple things in life...


In a week where the world appears divided by political issues, it's nice to get a reminder that the simple things in life bring the most pleasure. 

This girl's reaction to receiving gymnastics lessons for her birthday perfectly reflects that sentiment.

Kelsey Stealey, from Sale, has always wanted to attend the classes but her parents have always found that whatever place they try they always seem to be fully booked. 

That was until last Sunday when they received a phone call from Altrincham Leisure Centre to tell them that there was room for Kelsey to take her place on an upcoming course. 

The schoolgirl, who is determined to become a gymnast, received the news on her 10th birthday and her reaction will warm the coldest of hearts:

That's the kind of joy we all needed to see this week. Best of luck in your new endevour, Kelsey! 

(H/T: Manchester Evening News)

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