SNEAK PEEK John Lewis Have Released A 2017 Christmas Advert Teaser

It's here!


(Picture credit @UnderTheBed2017)

The John Lewis christmas advert has firmly solidified itself as a Great British festive tradition. It's only been around since 2007 but now it just wouldn't be christmas without it.

With the ad due to be drop this week, the buzz and rumours have already started circulating. What adorable character will take centre-stage this year? What classic song cover will we all have in our heads for the rest of the holiday season? 

Twitter users have been on the lookout for clues, as John Lewis have teased fans by tweeting short video clips through ghost accounts in the past. 

And, today, a previously unused account on twitter with the handle @UnderTheBed2017 has posted a 4 second video- and it has John Lewis' branding all over it.

The video features a shifty looking animated character (we presume lurking under a bed).

But that's all we're getting, folks!

Earlier in October it was revealed by Campaign that the Oscar-winning French director, Michel Gondry, has directed this year’s John Lewis Christmas ad. Gondry is best known for directing the highly emotive Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind so we can expect an equally heart-wrenching short from John Lewis this year.

The full advert is due to land later this week. Keep your eyes peeled guys!

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